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Material:Art paper with matte finish.
Size:12x22x8, 14x11x4.5, 18x16x10, 20x26x12, 40x32x15 cm or customizable.1
Price Index: 3 2
Minimum Order:500 pieces3
Lead Time:3-15 days4
Payment Modes:Credit/debit cards/Payoneer, bank transfer, western union, moneygram5
Status: Available for immediate delivery 6
Category:Fabric Packaging > Boxes and Baskets
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    This small paper bag is made from 250 grams thickened art paper with a matte coating. It can also be made with a glossy coating or no coating at all. A thick cardboard is placed at the bottom for reinforcement. This paper bag uses multicolor all over print techniques. Your custom logo can also be done this way. Bag sizes can be customized according to your requirements. It is the ideal packaging for many items such as clothing, party favors, cosmetics, personal care products, jewellery and more.
    Color: stocked colors or can be customized for order quantity above 3000 pieces.
    Size: stocked sizes or can be customized for quantity above 1000 pieces.
    Logo: can be customized for quantity above 500 pieces (for stocked sizes and colors only).
    Packaging: 10-50 pcs per pack, 100-500 pcs per box.

    Size Diagram:

    Custom Paper Bags Wholesale Small Gift Bags with Logo, Size Diagram.

    18x16x10 cm (HxWxD)

    Stocked Sizes and Colors:

    We have these sizes and colors in stock. Please consult our customer service before purchasing. More colors and sizes can be done, depending on order quantity.

    Custom Paper Bags Wholesale Small Gift Bags with Logo, Stocked Sizes and Colors.

    Custom logo can be done for order quantity of 500 pieces (for stocked sizes and colors only).

    Custom Paper Bags Wholesale Small Gift Bags with Logo

    Quick Answers

    Q: What is the price of this item?
    A: Price can be provided as soon as you send us the details of your request, such as quantities, sizes, colors you need, and whether you need a custom logo.

    Q: How do you ship my order and how much is the shipping cost?
    A: We will ship your order via airmail(max. 2kgs), couriers(DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS), air delivery, train, and boat, depending on the order quantity and service availability in your area. We can offer a quote for shipping upon your request. You can also arrange the shipping by yourself and appoint your favorite shipping company to pick up your order at our address.

    Q: What is your return policy?
    A: If you find your order faulty or damaged, you can inform us within 15 days after receipt of your order. We will either repair or replace the faulty or damaged products.

    Q: Is it safe to buy from you?
    A: Yes, definitely. We have been running our business and serving the customers from all over the world for decades. We can provide some references if you need.

    Q: Where will my order be shipped from?
    A: Your order will be shipped from China.

    Q: Are there taxes or customs duties I need to pay?
    A: Whether you need to pay any taxes or customs duties depends on your country's regulations and the declared value of your order.

    Q: How to place order? What are the procedures?
    A: Please consult our order flow chart as below:
    Order Flowchart

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