• Organza and Satin Bags •

These pouches are a combination of 2 fabrics. We find it looks perfect to sew satin and organza fabrics together. They can be made either with one side see-through or with satin fabric lined. Listed below are some product models which can be customized with your logo and size. Fabric and drawstring colors can be chosen from the color charts listed below. We also welcome any new idea you may have about these models. We can make changes according to your opinion. Models below are for personalization only. Prices can be provided as soon as you send us your personalization details.

• How to Order •

Don't know how to order from us? Please check out the order flowchart below for reference:

Order Flowchart

• Custom Size and Color •

Sizes and colors can all be customized, depending on the order quantity. Bag colors can be chosen as per our below fabric color charts(click to see large photo):

Other colors not listed on the color chart can also be customized as long as customers show us the colors they need.

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