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Leather fabric can be genuine leather fabric or leatherette fabric. Genuine leather fabric is derived from animal skins or hides that undergo special treatments or processing techniques. Genuine leather possesses the most natural grains, textures, and lustre. It is breathable and durable. Leatherette fabric, also called synthetic leather, imitated leather, or faux leather, is man-made leather fabric in order to imitate the characteristics of the genuine leather. It's less costly, with more colors, thicknesses, lustres, grains, and textures that can be chosen. Nowadays, it has become the most used fabric in the leather industry.

The products made from leather or leatherette fabric are high-end and durable. Bags and pouches made from leather or leatherette fabric can be used to pack electronics and accessories, gifts and favors, precision instruments, jewelry, makeup, tools, small essentials, etc. Personalized logos can be done on the fabric via silkscreen, heat transfer, hot stamping(foil printing), embroidery, and debossing.

All our leather or leatherette bag models can be custom made as per customer's request. You can specify the bag sizes, add custom logos and labels, change the style of the drawstring, the zipper, and the button. Any new ideas you want to apply to our product models are welcome.

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