• Satin Bags and Pouches •

Satin bags and pouches are made from satin fabrics composed of polyester or silk. Satin fabrics are soft, smooth and glossy, very suitable for packing wig, hair extensions, jewelry, makeups, gifts & premiums, favors, etc. It's also a generally used lining fabric which can work very well with all the fabrics we use for our products.
Custom logo processing methods such as silkscreen, hot-stamping(foil printing) and embroidering can all be done on satin fabrics. A custom branded label can be sewed or attached to the bag and custom printed ribbon can be made as drawstring.

All our satin bags and pouches have heat-cut or overlock on the edge inside to avoid fraying.

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• How to Order •

Don't know how to order from us? Please check out the order flowchart below for reference:

Order Flowchart

• Logo Processing Methods •

There are 4 logo processing methods that are suitable for satin bags. They are:
1. Silkscreen printing, the most used printing method. It features high durability. Multicolor print is possible (up to 5 colors). Cost-effective.
2. Digital printing, the newly rising printing method which is exclusively for multicolor print (up to 10 colors or above) or photographic print. Natural, vivid, with high definition and durability.
3. Embroidery, traditional and classical. If you want a traditional or classical feel, this is your best choice. Multicolor logo is possible. Highest durability. Long lead time.
4. Hot-stamping foil printing, the shiniest logo processing method which gives you the metallic visual effect. Multicolor foils are available for selection (see photo below).

The effects of the abovesaid logo processing methods on satin fabric are as follows (click to see large photo):

• Custom Size and Color •

Sizes and colors can all be customized. Bag colors can be chosen as per our below fabric color charts (click to see large photo):

Other colors not listed on the color chart can also be customized as long as customers send us their own colors.

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