• Peaked Edge Tulle Circle Wrapper for Wedding Favors •

Material:Sheer organza fabric without decorations.
Size:24 cm in dia. or customizable.
Minimum Order:1000 pieces
Lead Time:15 days
Payment Modes:Credit/debit cards/Payoneer, bank transfer, western union, moneygram
Status: Ready for custom production
Category:Fabric Packaging > Organza Bags and Pouches
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    This tulle/net circle is with peaked edge. It's made from sheer organza fabric. It can also be made in rectangle shape(see picture above). The edge can be peaked or unpeaked as you please. This tulle circle can be easily fastened by a wire or a string(see picture above). It almost can wrap anything you like. We can offer a lot of colors and can produce any sizes. It's great for makeups, favors, gifts, jewelry and may be used for other purposes.
    • Color: can be chosen from the fabric color chart below
      Organza Fabric Color Chart
    • Pack: 100 pcs per pack,1000 pcs per box.

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