• Aluminum Foil Ziplock Bag •

Material:Aluminum foil.
Minimum Order:1000 pieces
Lead Time:7-15 days
Payment Modes:Credit/debit cards/Payoneer, bank transfer, western union, moneygram
Status: Ready for custom production
Category:Plastic Packaging > Zip-lock Bag
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    This ziplock bag is made from aluminum foil. It's waterproof, moistureproof and heat-resistant. It can be either a stand up style with a bottom gusset or a flat style without gusset. Sizes and colors can all be customized. Great for food, tea, coffee, hardware, electronic parts, gifts, favors, parties, jewelry, candles, soaps, salts, and more.
    • Name: Aluminum Foil Ziplock Bag
    • Size: Multiple
    • Specifications:

    • Pack: 100 pcs per pack, 1000 pcs per box
    • Lead Time: 7-15 days
    • Material: Aluminum foil

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