• Natural Linen Bag for Bottles •

Material:As stated in product description
Size:6 x 14 inch
Minimum Order:As stated in product description
Lead Time:As stated in product description
Payment Terms:Credit/debit cards/paypal, bank transfer, western union, moneygram
Status: Under production
Category:Fabric Packaging > Jute Bags Pouches | Linen Bags Pouches
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    This bag is made from 100% natural linen fabric. The linen fabric gets a much finer surface than the jute fabric. It has a square base and a corded drawstring sewn on top so it can pack both round and rectangle bottles. Your logo can be done on it. Sizes and colors can all be custom made. 
    • Name: Natural Linen Bag for Bottles
    • Size: 6 x 14 inch
    • Color: Natural
    • Pack: 50 pcs per pack, 1000 pcs per box
    • Lead Time: 10-15 days
    • Fabric: 100% linen fabric, with square base & cord drawstring

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